Our University, National Quemoy University (NQU), is located in Kinmen, an outlying island of Taiwan and adjacent to Xiamen, China. Due to its special geographical location and the political and economic developments across the Taiwan Strait, Kinmen has developed its unique cultures that are distinct to other Taiwanese societies, such as Min-nan culture, Hometown of overseas Chinese, battlefields, poetry and Kaoliang liquor, and natural ecology. Deeply rooted in the multi-cultural and environmental ecology of Kinmen, NQU is positioned as a comprehensive university that highlights Kinmen features based on education, research, and outreach.

To help achieve the educational goals of NQU, the Center for General Education (CGE) aims to cultivate students’ existing talents and equip them with many concrete and applicable soft skills. Besides, the CGE intend to motivate the NQU students a great sense of morality, and a heartfelt concern for human beings and the environment. Moreover, the CGE also aims to balance students’ professionalism and human values, stimulate students’ creativity, and emphasize all the goals of the University: The Enhancement of Academic Professionalism, The Inculcation of the Spirit of Humanism, The Pursuit of Unlimited Creativity and Innovation, The Cultivation of Global and Cross-Strait Perspectives, The Balanced Promotion in Outstanding Education, Research, and Outreach.

To accomplish the above mentioned goals, the CGE offers various programs, including professional courses, invited lectures, social activities, sports and games, performance of fine arts and music, cultural events, as well as many other learning opportunities taking place inside and outside the campus. Students are expected to become social elites and leaders for society by developing the following capabilities through our programs: (1) Good language and efficient communication skills; (2) Solid background knowledge in science, technologies and humanities for life-long learning; (3) General interest in literature and fine arts; (4) Critical thinking, skills and attitudes for becoming a responsible modern citizen; (5) Respect for life and a deep sense of ethics; (6) Willingness to offer service and help to local community, society and others. Especially, the NQU students in their freshman year are asked to complete the special course named the “Introduction to Kinmenology” (金門學概論) by experiential learning and self-study so as to fully comprehend the unique and diversified culture of Kinmen.